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Unsure what types of activity could require action below is a list of common activities.

  • Environmental laws,

  • Safety and health laws,

  • Medical confidentiality laws,

  • Consumer protection laws,

  • Laws and regulations prohibiting Medicare and Medicaid fraud,

  • Minimum wage and overtime laws,

  • Laws and regulations prohibiting fraud against the government,

  • Housing codes,

  • Building laws,
  • Financial regulations.

Relevant Reading:

"What is a Whistleblower?"

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"When the Boss Wants You to do Something Unethical"

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Typical Violations

Have you witnessed illegal or fraudulent activity occurring in your workplace? Have you reported this illegal activity and been punished for it? Are you afraid of taking further action due to possible threat off termination? Don't fear we at Daniel Law, P.C. will work diligently to protect you from any backlash and work with your closely to help shine the light on the illegal activities of your business.   

"Don't let your voice be silenced"



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